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The display driver has stopped working and has recovered – Windows 7 & Vista – Solution FIX

ATI driver solution fix - Windows 7 / Vista

There is this annoying message “The display driver has stopped working and has recovered” that appeared every time i was watching video. I knew it wont stop itself, so it was time to find a solution…and then bummer! There is loaded web with sites on this topic with discussion how to fix this, but very few (you must go very deep in SERP) are out there who are explaining what the actual problem is.

I didnt use Windows Vista, i was Windows XP user all the way till Windows 7 arrived (which turns out to be pretty good idea). I read that Windows Vista had this problem before, so naughty old Microsoft sins i guess. There is an incompatibility issue with driver configuration software (ATI – catalysts) that comes with your driver package.

The Solution that worked for me
One big ugly solution for my problem was to remove actual driver configuration software package and use only raw display driver. I think that Nvidia has the same problems too with some graphic cards. However, i hope that solution for this bug comes soon! My graphic card is ATI Radeon HD 4500 series, hope it works for you too, else turn off your computer immediately! :)

Posted on 21.07.10 by admin, under računalništvo, tehnologije.

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